A character from Donkey Xote

Donkey Xote by Filmax International is a animated comedy following the journey of the legendary Donkey Xote!

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DrQueueIPython is a port of DrQueue to Python using the IPython framework.

Final version 0.64.4 released

DrQueue version 0.64.4 is now available.

New collaboration site online

We switched from Trac to Redmine to be able to use new ways of collaboration.

Source code versioning migrated to Git

We migrated our source code versioning to Git.


DrQueue Development
A List of DrQueue Users

DrQueue Support

Support Packages

DrQueue is designed to provide a simple method for managing render farms on a small or large scale, however if problems are encountered we also can provide all the necessary support to ensure a rapid resolution.

Depending on how you acquired DrQueue a range of support options are available.

Feel free to contact DrQueue to discuss your requirements. We provide flexible support for DrQueue and can ensure a swift resolution of any problems.

Note that our installation service includes one months free remote support.

Community Support

A range of resources is provided in a number of languages.

DrQueue encourage user participation in the development of DrQueue and development is driven by the user community. Feel free to contribute in anyway you wish.

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